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T-Systems Slovakia was established in Slovakia in 2006 with the goal of providing information and communication (ICT) outsourcing solutions for the global corporate clientele of the Deutsche Telekom AG Group. The company has been based in Košice since its establishment. It was established as a subsidiary of T-Systems International GmbH, which has its head office in Germany and is a part of the global Deutsche Telekom AG Group.

The Slovak company provides outsourcing services for corporate customers in Germany, the European Union and at a global level. The size and breadth of activities and quality of work delivered by T-Systems Slovakia is a major reason why the T-Systems brand is the market leader in Germany and one of the big four ICT service providers in Europe.

The company has used the last decade to grow from nothing to the second-largest IT company in Slovakia and the second-largest employer in the east of the country. T-Systems Slovakia had 3,850 employees in Košice at the end of 2016, which makes it the second-largest shared service center in Slovakia and one of the top fifteen largest employers in Slovakia.

Thanks to our highly qualified and motivated employees, our company has the fastest growing added value in the IT sector in Slovakia.

What are ICT services and outsourcing?

T-Systems Slovakia executes the remote administration of practically everything related to ICT including internal and remote computer and communication networks, computer servers with various operating systems, SAP systems for enterprise management and specific customer solutions for collecting duties and education and research.

T-Systems Slovakia represents a strategic production location within the group, a place where ideas and solutions are implemented that are then sold in “high-cost” countries. We cover the entire life cycle of ICT technologies, beginning with the management of network infrastructure, security, data centers, and on to systems, different types of cloud solutions and specific customer applications, portals and business processes. From a technological perspective, the branch in Košice is the group leader in its flagship products, including cloud solutions, dynamic computing, dynamic SAP solutions and SAP HANA solutions.

Where can you see the work and services provided by T-Systems Slovakia?

T-Systems Slovakia’s products are not found on the shelves of stores but you do come into indirect contact with them on a daily basis, like when make a purchase from well-known consumer brands, buy fuel and even a vehicle.

Ideally, no one should even know if their delivery was handled by T-Systems Slovakia if the ICT services it provides are reliable. Leading car companies, telecommunications operators and companies in the oil industry as well as leaders in the banking sector and consulting services are among the companies that rely on the Slovak office for their ICT environment.