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Everyone has an opportunity with us. We have more than 200 open jobs in total. They cover numerous areas and different levels of competencies and responsibilities. You’ll always be in contact with the latest technologies, methods and practices. And every position has ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Technical IT/ICT positions

Looking to get involved in the administration of IT infrastructure for the world’s largest carmakers or protect the cloud from digital attacks? Positions include IT administrator, IT engineer, IT consultant, architect, developer.


Process positions

Looking to work in an IT environment but the process and quality are more your thing rather than being a technician? You’ll find the right job for you here.


Project positions

Good at coordinating resources? Have previous project management experience? Then project positions may be the option just for you!


Other positions

Specialists in human resources, finance, communications and marketing will also find jobs with us.


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Preparing for your interview is 80% of success.

"Find out as much as possible about the job you are applying for and prepare a relevant presentation of your skills and work experience applicable to the requirements for the specific position. Do not forget to study the company’s portfolio. Don't hesitate to ask around for more information!"

Alena Ronďošová - Head of HR Business Partner

"Check out the T-Systems website. Both the Slovak and German sites. Then check out our Facebook page and become our fan. The only thing that is left is to come to the interview, but you’ll already feel like part of the team. That’s exactly how I felt."

Michal Hollý - Service delivery manager

Work benefits.
A phrase you are going to come to love!

Home office

Would you like to work from your living room rather than coming in to the office? Turn your dream into a reality. Home office may be a given for you, join us.

Flexible working hours

You’ll come into work every day at T-Systems Slovakia with a smile on your face because we understand your needs.


Discover new horizons during training involving various technologies. Learn from the best. Education and development using different methods and resources, it's all waiting for you...

Language instruction

The more languages you know, the more human you are. Working in an international company gives you the opportunity to hone your language skills with the support of the best instructors. Push your language boundaries. Keep taking and we’ll help you improve.

Corporate events

Experience the unique atmosphere of events that become legendary over time. Eat up the team spirit at T-Systems Slovakia for yourself and the humour, dance and joy of people who have magenta in their blood.

“Cafeteria” system of benefits

We support the work-life balance of all our employees. Our high standard benefits system leaves the decision making up to you if you want to use your benefits on vacation, your health, sports, cultural events or education.

Opportunities to grow

Nowhere else is it as simple to grow as with us. Everybody willing to work towards their dreams will find a place here, in a company active internationally and delivering services around the world. Make your job your hobby. Push yourself farther and use your talents to the best of your ability. See just how it feels to be with the best.

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