We care about our
people, the community and
the environment

We care about our people

Caring for people begins in-house. Our company’s employees, regardless of position, have access to attractive benefits and flexible working hours, home office, our Cafeteria benefits system and more. Over and above these specific benefits, we are truly committed to the career growth of our people. We process more than 10,000 training requests every year.

We care about the community

Volunteering, grants and scholarships from the T-Systems Slovakia Foundation fund, financial gifts, fund-raising activities and assistance provided in the form of technical equipment. These are all examples of our long-term commitment to supporting the community.

I want to help

We recognise that we have the people in the region to thank for the success we achieve on a day-to-day basis. We try and repay this debt as a company every day. Annually, more than 200 of our employees choose to volunteer during their free time. Activities range from educating seniors to painting fences and providing new internet infrastructure at Children’s Hospital Košice. We try and help anyone in need through the good deeds of our employees and the T-Systems Foundation Fund, which is managed by the Karpatská nadácia foundation.

We care for the environment

Efforts include recycling, saving energy and conserving water. These are integral parts of our work day activities.

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We strive to improve our protection efforts and environmental sustainability inside our company. That is why we have an environmental management system to support our activities in compliance with the corporate social responsibility strategy of the Deutsche Telekom AG Group.

AjTy (And You) courses for seniors

This is a special project specifically for seniors. It is a free course in basic PC skills. Details of the next course will be announced on our website.

I want to help

Tell us why we should support you

Financial gifts, fund-raising activities or support for volunteering activities.