Internal trainers community


Did you know that there are 230 internal trainers at Slovak POP community? They are all standard employees with their day to day work duties, but they can also find time to train other colleagues in areas where they are experts themselves. Currently there are 179 active trainings available that can be requested by employees via a local system and there were 260 trainings performed within T-Systems Slovakia (TSSK). Do you want to know how many people have been trained since the beginning of this year? Exactly 2362 internal employees.

TOP trainings

The TOP trainings that are offered to all interested employees include Fundamentals of SAP NW – SAPTEC, Company culture for newcomers, HA200 SAP HANA, Linux Fundamentals for SAP, HA250 Migration to SAP HANA using DMO, Bootcamp, Kepner Tregoe Resolve training and GL120 Linux Fundamentals. Every employee discusses the training opportunity with their team leader and then requests it through the net.

Training process

All the trainings are done in a professional way, the trainers are evaluated, the feedbacks are collected. One of the biggest advantages of being trained by a specialist from the company is to get acknowledged with all the features from real working environment. They know the shortcuts, they know how each specific tool is working or not. It is hard to find specialists who are willing to pass their knowledge further. They also have to have the proper softskills to make their presentations interesting for their audience. Trainers themselves are getting the training before their first performance.

After all, Slovak trainers are respected and appreciated. They can be easily recognised by wearing special lanyards with words “I am Internal trainer, I am GURU”. Internal trainers have regular forums where they discuss stuff related to their training process.

HR Development

The success of Internal trainers community has been recognised even outside of TSSK. Slovak HR team led by Martina Schusterová, is administering all these educational trainings (on the photo below). They have won HR Award within Team International category. Congratulations and keep the good work!

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