Colleagues from TC Division in role of teachers at BERG faculty


First half-year is behind us

About half-year ago we brought the information that TC division started to cooperate with BERG faculty at Technical university Košice. Our people from T-Systems Slovakia have started to teach Project management within some specified subjects.

The students who will get familiar with Project management and who will learn German as a bonus will become ideal adepts for our future employees. This was the first idea and the person who devoted the most energy into the educational program was Radovan Šalitroš (on the photo above), who helped to create the whole educational plan one year in advance. Except of Radovan, there are four more lecturers from TC division who are looking forward to meet students at Technical university, BERG faculty on regular basis. Namely Lenka Nováková, Júlia Marcinčinová, Peter Imrich and Ladislav Lorinc.

Preparation took couple of months

Radovan has prepared some basic „skeleton“ for Project management major and each lecturer took his/her part for further processing. For example Peter took Agile, which is so popular nowadays.

Our young colleagues did not have a lot of experiences with students, so logically, it took some time to get to know each other and set the communication up. Julia has met a young student who was telling her that the project management is not important for him, because he only wants to manage his father small company. Julia tried to explain that even when somebody is going to buy a car, it can be a piece of project management, or if somebody is building a house, it is also the project management in real. Now, before each session the lecturer tries to think about the real use of theory in practice. They are using a lot of story telling when talking to students.

Little scared in the beginning

At this moment there are about 80 students present, first grade, forth and fifth grade. As Peter says: „they were a little scared on the beginning, not really talking to us, but after some practical exercises we knew each other more. One year later it will change even more, because we will have a selection of students who really want to study project management.“

The best students will get certificates

Ladislav Lorinc is saying: „After first year of our cooperation we will talk together with the faculty, we will agree what was good, what bad, how to continue. The best students will get T-Systems certificates. We are talking about 30 students. We can work with them further.“

At this moment TC division cooperates only with BERG. When the summer semester is over we can bring more fresh information, even the real quotes from students.

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