We are the largest
provider of information
and communication solutions

Portfolio of provided ICT services

T-Systems Slovakia is a provider of information and communication solutions and business process outsourcing provider. The outsourcing of information and communication technologies (ICT) is one of the primary means used by our corporate customers to improve their economic performance and flexibility.

Customers also gain faster and less expensive access to innovations and technological advancements; ultimately, however, outsourcing is primarily a means of reducing costs. In practice, this may involve the partial or complete takeover of activities conducted by corporate ICT departments or from other ICT service providers.

T-Systems Slovakia provides the following ICT services, which may be structured into a few different levels:

Delivery and operation of ICT solutions and services

ICT services for
modern computer (server)

  • Administration of network and security elements of global data centers
  • Administration of global virtual platforms for cloud computing and virtualised ICT solutions (infrastructure as a service, IaaS)
  • Administration and operation of global platforms, “SAP as a service” (platform as a service, PaaS)
  • Data backup and recovery

Customer operating
and application solution

  • Administration of MS Windows systems
  • Administration of Linux and Unix systems and their variations
  • Administration of customer application and database systems
  • Administration of portals and customer applications

ICT services
for telecommunications

  • Voice and video ICT services, including VoIP and telepresence
  • Network and security ICT services for local and remote networks
  • Transmission capacity optimisation

Support for ICT services

Transformation management
and ICT service design

  • Global service and administration
  • Architectural design of information and communication technology
  • Project management and management of transformations for customers

Research and support
of strategic global portfolio

  • Growing software and network platforms
  • Special databases (customer, industry) and middleware solutions
  • Administration of portals and customer applications

Application and solution design

  • Developement, testing and support for SAP solutions
  • Developement, testing and support for other solutions

T-Systems Slovakia made the decision in 2013 to expand its portfolio and diversity of its activities to include support for corporate financial processes. Our portfolio in this specific area is currently developing and contains the following areas of specialization:

Support for T-Systems International GmbH
business processes

Operational financial processes

  • Global financial reporting
  • Global financial controlling
  • Global consolidation and periodic closing

Sales and other processes

  • Valuation of new business opportunities
  • Accounts receivable and order management